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Get out of your Comfort Zone

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2 mn read It’s not unusual to hear comments that mention focusing on a few things in your professional life that you should build depth or expertise in. People say something for “Jack of all trades, master of none”.  In that context, I would have to agree.  It shows commitment, builds your value proposition, and contributes to a sense […]

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Leadership: Work-Life Balance

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3 mn read When we talk about leadership we often talk about all of the attributes of successful leaders in their work environment.  We don’t always talk about the foundation that supports that work environment or nurtures it allowing it to be successful.  In the context of the whole work environment, this foundation is essential to get right.  […]

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Leadership and Communication

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3 mn read Throughout my career in the Marine Corps as I developed as a leader I often heard of different traits or principles that make a good leader.  Sometimes it was the “14 Leadership Traits” of a leader and sometimes a few characteristics or principles printed on a card.  While they all were worthy of consideration and […]

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