Turning Spin into Torque

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I’ve seen more than a few articles lately on how to be successful at business. Some of these articles essentially talk about generating significant activity and that will lead to connections and ultimately mission success in the workplace. Go, go, go (which can include spend, spend, spend) = eventual success. Of course I’m paraphrasing but the main focus is generating activity. While this is part of the answer as is the “never give up” mantra for success, this is by no means the stand-alone solution. As a close friend of mine likes to say “there’s a lot of spin and no torque”.

At least as important as being an active participant in the work required to be successful and not giving up is assessment.  Assessment is predicated on having a clear vision as you chart your path in the workplace (or anywhere for that matter). You have to have a clear understanding of where you want to end up and an idea of how you want to get there. Once that part is clearly defined you need an assessment plan to use along the way. What are the clear points you would expect to see (milestones) along the way so that you can compare your progress to those milestones? If you are hitting those milestones then you know you are doing the right kind of activities in order to generate those outcomes. If you are not hitting your milestones then you may need to make a course correction in order to get back on track or assess that the goal may need to morph. Whether it is generating income or outcomes you have to have a well thought out plan and be confident in the pathway that will take you there. That’s not to say the pathway will not change from the original plan, assessment is what allows you to do that. Without a plan or a way to assess it you’re just wandering and hoping things will work out.

Your assessment plan, for you or for your company, should be spelled out to the degree you can so everyone knows what you are looking for and how you will measure it.  That’s not to say that micromanaging is the answer. It is not. Sticking with desired outcomes will help you steer clear of the micromanaging issue. By having a clear vision that others share with you, you all can “go, go, go” towards that goal and your chances for success will rise exponentially. Once you embrace this part, then you can “turn spin into torque”.

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