Pursuing Your Passion

Pursuing Your Passion
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What do you do when you retire from a lifelong passion?  If you have more to give, you find another passion and pour yourself into it.  When you retire, they say that you have to consider “the what”, “the where”, and the “how much.” You then have to decide where each stands on priority.  Many say that the “how much” will work itself out. In fact, if it is your priority it won’t be for long since you have to enjoy what you do. That is if you want to get it right and do it for any length of time.

For me, “the what” and “the where” were the key and they both hold nearly the same priority.  Consulting within the Aviation Defense Industry is “the what”.  For nearly four decades I learned not just how to operate as a Marine Fighter Pilot. But the strategy that is required to build long-term goals and pathways. That will ensure our warfighters have the equipment they need to be the most capable and lethal warfighters that face the planet.  Even in retirement, that part doesn’t change.  The role changes a little to help our Defense Aviation Industry partners understand what it is that the services are trying to accomplish. As well as, what they need to get there. 

But that is only part of the challenge.  Understanding the challenges within the service. In this case, the Marine Corps, and how they are trying to balance fiscal requirements with operational needs is a very nuanced area. That our defense industry partners must and want to understand with as much clarity as possible.  And rightfully so.  Our Defense Industry partners are committing their resources to get it right. Additionally, any help they can get towards meeting the warfighter’s needs and the challenges they have in achieving those needs is a worthwhile investment.

Of course, “the where” was also important to me.  As those of you who know me are aware, “the where” is everywhere.  We embarked on a journey the day I retired to explore the one country I haven’t had time to during my career….ours.  We’re over 9,000mi into it and this great country has not disappointed.  There are many more to go.  Even better, traveling and pouring myself into what I love to do are at a perfect balance and I am grateful for that.

So I’m pretty lucky.  Consulting with our Aviation Defense partners lets me do what I love to do while allowing me to continue to explore everything that makes this nation great.  So what is your passion and what are you doing to realize it?

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  1. Being able to pursue your passion and make a difference as you have been able to do is an amazing opportunity. You’ve managed to take your first passion and find a way to continue while adding significance to the organization you served in. All the while pursuing an additional passion you define as your “where” which is on-going. I wish you all the best Sir and enjoy seeing you continue on your journey.

    To answer your question, my passion is an has always been to IT/Cyber organizations and professionals develop personally and professionally. I am still in transition and looking forward to aligning with an organization shortly where I can add value. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.