The Ride of a Lifetime Book Review

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Bob Iger’s influence on the future of Disney is incredible. His book “the ride of a lifetime” is an astonishing story of an incredible man. This book tells a very humbling story about an executive who really cared about people. Because of that I truly believe, that he will long outlive his tenure as the CEO of Disney. The reason for that is that he was influential in bringing in organizations like Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, and 20th Century Fox. This is what changed the course of history for Disney and their flagship product, Disney animation. This is one of the books that I feel provides a great outlook on what being successful entails—both the good and the bad.

Book Summary

When you think about a CEO you usually see the success they have already attained. The struggle to get to the top is something most of us don’t ever get to hear about. That is why this autobiography by Bob Iger is an amazing story for that exact reason. He does a great job painting his picture on his route to becoming the CEO of Disney. With his career definitely being a roller coaster ride. It is what made A Ride of a Lifetime such a compelling book.

The book showed us a lot of his journey wasn’t all smooth sailings. This book, however, shows a more human side to what these executives go through to get to where they are at. Because Bob Iger’s story is so compelling just in general, I think it’s worth picking up and reading. It is a type of life story that shows that if you have persistence, a vision, humility, and a good work ethic you will make it.

Where it Relates to Wealth

This book relates to wealth in so many ways. Firstly, it gets deep into the politics of business. A Ride of a Lifetime teaches you a lot about how the game of business operates and how to go about dealing with certain situations. In addition, Bob Iger does a very good job providing a road map for his journey. Which, in my opinion, can be applied to just about anywhere. Especially in your current job.

The Ride of a Lifetime


To sum it all up, read the book. It is a really good autobiography about a really great human being. I loved the book and learned a lot from it. I know that you will too. Get the book read it and share your thoughts.

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