Why Having a “To Do” List is Important

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I’m a huge fan of the “To Do” List. I love that it keeps me on track and organized. I am a deliverables type of guy so the list does me so many favors on hitting those deliverables. There are many tools out there that can assist your list. I use plenty of them myself. This article is not to sell you on a “To Do” List but to why having a “To Do” List is Important and how it can make your life more productive and efficient.

“To Do” List Keep you Organized

This is the best part of this type of list. I don’t know about any of you but when I’m not organized I don’t feel like working at all. It’s a psychological thing for me. But when I’m able to write my tasks down on paper and section them out, I know what I need to attack. That allows me to get the absolute max out of my week ahead.

“To Do” List Keep you on Track

Staying on track with your task is the key to success, in my opinion. The way it keeps you on track is by showing you what you have and have not accomplished. When you can see what you have going on, the easier it is to plan.

Why Having a "To Do" List is Important

“To Do” List Provide a Visual Representation of What You’ve Done

Something about scratching off or moving a sticky note to “done” is just fulfilling. Crossing something off a list is just a psychological thing that helps me through the day. Seeing what you have left and what you’ve got done is huge. My favorite part of the day is scratching off completed items. It’s almost like a game that I have to complete by the end of every week. Something worth trying if you’ve never utilized a “To Do” list.


When done well “To Do” list is made to make your life more efficient. There are many tools that you can use if you are not a pen and paper type of guy. I’m more of a hybrid type of guy so I use a pen and paper. But I also use a few other software tools to keep me on track as well. I used both Trello and Microsoft Planner. Both have worked well for me. The only reason I switched off Trello to use Microsoft Planner is that I got a Microsoft license that just had Planner with it and thought if I’m paying for it I might as well use it. But other than that Trello is one that I would highly recommend.

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