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A few posts back I wrote a book review on Tony Robbins’ first book Money Master the Game. This book came a little after that and is pretty much a 300-page excerpt for Money Master the Game. It is still worth the read. The quality of the content that Tony adds to this book is unmatched and definitely a good sequel to his first book. Because of that, I thought it would be a good idea to do an Unshakeable Book Review.

I tell most people that if you are looking to learn more about investing this is probably the best book to read first. Though Money Master the Game has more content, Unshakeable is a much more abridged version. Which is why I recommend it first. Reading 300 pages is much more doable and less intimidating than reading 700 pages. With that said let’s get to that book summary. I’ll give you what I thought was good and what I thought was bad. Which is then followed by my final thoughts. Let’s get to it!

Book Summary

The Good

I’ve already spoken to a few of the good points regarding this book. Obviously, it is shorter and easier to read. It offers the same value that Money Master the Game offers in a more abridged and hip pocket style. This is why I say it’s a better book to start out with. The concepts that Tony goes over in Unshakeable are very simple and easy to implement in real-time. This is what makes the book a good starting point. It requires you to take action in real-time rather than just provide you with the knowledge and resources. Which are also good.

Like I said previously it is a much shorter book and easier to digest. Tony understood that reading a 700 page book can be quite intimidating, which is why he wrote Unshakeable.

The Bad

Now that all of those good things have been said. The biggest problem with this book is that it is literally the same book as Money Master the Game. There isn’t much-updated information in Unshakeable to differentiate it that much. The only thing that makes this book attractive is the same knowledge written in a shorter context. Which makes it more attractive to read. But that’s it.

Unshakeable Book Review

Tony doesn’t add any updated avenues to get into investing. What I mean by that is to think about how much investment has evolved in the past decade. With the ability to get micro shares, no brokerage fees, and easy to set up investing apps, etc. These would have been great topics to discuss in the book but he tended to go the safe route.

All Tony ended up doing was taking out all the interviews that he put in the back of the book. That is essentially the only thing that is different between the two books.

My Thoughts

So, those were my good and bad thoughts regarding the book. Though, I have strong feelings regarding the fact that it is exactly the same content as Tony’s previous book Money Master the Game. I truly believe this is a book that every beginner should start out with. That even means before Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I say that because of the call to action that Tony puts in the book and the simplicity of how the stock market works. Unshakeable is 300 pages of straight knowledge. If you are an investor this is a book that should definitely be on your bookshelf.


There you have it that’s my Unshakeable Book Review. Hope you guys enjoyed it, and I’ve inspired you to get the book and read it. Though it is slightly redundant in regards to Money Master the Game, because of its shorter reading length it makes it a good beginner’s book for investing.

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