The Rule of 3: Does it Really Work?

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I am big on to-do lists. Having something to show me what I have to accomplish keeps me running. Finding a system that works for me allows me to be more efficient throughout the day. I was first introduced to the rule of 3 back in 2017 and it has done wonders for me. Now let me share what I’ve learned with you.

I learned about the rule of 3 from the book “Getting Results the Agile way” by JD Meier. The book states, that the rule can be used to systematically avoid getting overwhelmed. After finishing the book, I decided to give it a try. It changed my life.

The concept of the rule is to write out the 3 most important items that need to get done. You can then split that up by day, week, month, and year and get those done first. Then you go to the rest of your list.

How I have Currently Been Utilizing the Rule of 3

First I look at my broader life goals and break those down into days, weeks, months, years, etc. I provide myself with daily and weekly milestones. Forcing me to think about the actions I take in relation to my goals. Make sure to write it out in a result-oriented way. For example ‘Close this client” or “complete this proposal by this date”. Allowing me to create a sense of urgency to get things done and move to the next item.

What I Learned About me!

Since I’ve implemented the rule of 3, I have had more focus, clarity, and peace of mind and my productivity has increased. I now have a more straight-line vision of what task will move the needle for me. Which has provided me with more of a plan.

I’ve been able to get more done in the same amount of time. I have more free time to live my life. This leads into the next piece to what I’ve learned about the rule of 3

The Rule of 3: Does it Really Work?

Peace of Mind

That leads perfectly to how the rule of 3 has given me peace of mind. I’m more efficient and I’m able to have more free time to do things that I think are fun. Like hanging out with friends, reading, and learning something new. It has given me the freedom to do new things.


The Rule of 3 is a great tool to keep in your toolbox. It’s easy to implement and provides you with direction. Split your tasks into the 3 items you need to do every day. Take those and make the 3 items you need to do that week. Which will lead you to the month and year.

After a few months of implementing the Rule of 3, I have seen a lot of improvements in my productivity. I am more organized, and I know have direction in my life.

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