The Hundred-Year Marathon

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Michael Pillsbury is a wonderful author. He did a really good job explaining China’s strategy with The Hundred-Year Marathon. I love books such as this mainly for the situational awareness it provides around the world. This is why authors like Michael Pillsbury are great at their jobs for a reason. This book is a really good example of the work that Michale Pillsbury is capable of. For this book review, I want to accomplish two things. Firstly, would be to provide a basic book summary and my thoughts. After that, I will relate it to wealth. Which will, therefore, allow you to get a better understanding of why it’s important for you to care about China’s 100-year marathon.

Book Summary

The Hundred-Year Marathon is a book that uncovers China’s secret strategy to supplant America as the world’s dominant power. China’s plan is to do this by the year 2049. Michael Pillsbury, who served in many senior national security positions in the US Government to provide a lot of references for the book. Overall, I thought the book was a great depiction of China’s strategy. This book really serves as a wake-up call to both industry and government leaders within the US. So, if you are someone in business or in the military at any capacity this is the book for you.

This book serves as a mixed genre of memoir, analysis, and history. Pillsbury does a wonderful job marrying those genres together to deliver a wonderful product on China’s strategy. He utilizes his decades of contact with the “hawks” in China to show how it supports their 100-year marathon strategy. This is a great book on how the global economy works as well as how national powers are shaping the global landscape.

How it Applies to Wealth

This applies to wealth in so many ways. Firstly, it provides you with a good understanding of how global powers work. Secondly, it is practically giving the readers where each side is headed and what will be needed to have the upper hand in the next war. Having this understanding should help you focus on where you will put your money.

The Hundred-Year Marathon

Situational awareness is an entrepreneur’s best friend. This book provides a lot of very accurate awareness regarding the global landscape and how it affects our daily lives. In addition to that, you need to remember we live in a global economy. So, in the direction that China is going the US will have to follow suit and get ahead of the curve. Think about that the next time you decide what business venture you are looking to start. Just some food for thought.


Hopefully, this book review for the Hundred-Year Marathon was helpful. I want to be able to provide you with the best book reviews for your reading pleasure and provide good book recommendations. Similarly, I’m always getting asked by friends about what book I’m reading and I’m always happy to give out book recommendations. However, I don’t think I should just keep to my friends. These books helped me during my entrepreneurial journey. So, I hope they do the same for you! As always, keep reading and keep on learning!

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