The Fifth Domain Book Review

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I first thought of doing a “The Fifth Domain” book review when I came upon the book while I was going through the Communications Officers course with the United States Marine Corps. Around the time that I was getting in communication/cybersecurity development was in full swing. Everyone in the Marine Corps was chomping at the bits to get themselves a piece of either communications or cybersecurity.

So, obviously in order to get a piece of the action you have to first understand the problem itself. Which meant reading books like “The Fifth Domain”. So, after reading the book I loved it. It was so good and informative I thought that maybe I should do a book review for this book.

Book Summary

The Good

I thought there were a lot of things that this book did really well. Authors Richard Clarke and Robert Knake are clearly experts in their field. They provided a lot of good insights on what they saw as the current problem. From what I saw as a Communications Officer in the USMC I can say they hit the nail on the head with their assessment.

I really like how they were able to explain the more technical details in a way the average reader could understand. I never once felt overwhelmed by the topic at hand and could follow along easily. This book has such good insight as to where we currently are with world politics. If you like keeping up with what’s going on in the world this is the book for you.

The Bad

I would say one of the things that they didn’t do so well at was I believe the book lasted a few chapters too long. Like most books I read, I feel that toward the end the authors definitely string the topics of their books for a bit longer than they should. Which is nothing bad but it does get repetitive and boring. I did find it hard to finish the last chapter because of the repetitiveness. Also, when you are talking about an extremely technical topic like cybersecurity it’s always going to eventually get boring. No matter how well you dumb it down for the average person to understand.

The Fifth Domain Book Review

My Thoughts

I’m an avid reader of books that help me gain a new perspective on an industry that I’m interested in. I started getting super interested in data, networking, and cybersecurity when I got to the Marine Corps. Obviously, it was going to be my job to care. Books like “The Fifth Domain” really help you understand the problem a lot faster. One of the main reasons why is because you are getting unfettered access to some of the brightest minds in the world about a specific topic. In this case, it happened to be cybersecurity. If you are in a similar case I was in and are looking to get more situational awareness on cybersecurity get this book. It will definitely give you a good base to work off of in your tech career.


Hopefully, this “The Fifth Domain” book review has inspired you to get the book. I really thought it was one of the best books on cybersecurity. They do a really good job of explaining why it’s important and the threats that we currently face. They make it clear what the problem is and do a great job in explaining what our solutions should be.

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