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5 Productivity and Life Lessons from Learning How to BBQ

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4 mn read I’m a novice with slow-cooking meats over wood or charcoal smoke, but I am learning more and more every time I try. As an adult, there are only a few things in my life after the military where I get tangible outcomes from my work. This is just a dynamic of our digitized, modern, disconnected […]

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10 Reasons Why Service Members Leave the U.S. Military

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5 mn read There is a wide range of reasons military members may choose to leave the service, and the decision to leave is often a complex one. That is influenced by various personal, professional, and financial factors. Regardless of the reason for leaving, military members who decide to transition to civilian life can benefit from the skills, […]

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The Day I Found My Purpose

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3 mn read So, this has happened a few times in my life, each time reaffirming the first time I found my purpose, which is the story I share today. The first time was laying in a hospital bed in the Wounded Warrior Regiment at Naval Medical Center Balboa in San Diego in 2011.  But Let’s Rewind 3 […]

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Military Transition Story – Networking is Critical

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4 mn read In a previous military transition article I hinted that I’d write about another organization that was instrumental in my preparation to transition out of the Marine Corps. This article lends a hand to you cliffhangers out there. FourBlock is a nonprofit organization, free to veterans and active duty, dedicated to helping Service Members find their […]

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