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How to Comfort and Calm Loved Ones Struggling with Anxiety

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6 mn read The Hardest Part of My Marriage This post is about giving you the perspective and a few tools to help comfort and calm loved ones struggling with anxiety. I did not come from an emotionally supportive or resilient family life. I was an only child to a single mom. She worked incredibly hard to make […]

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There is Nothing to Figure Out

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3 mn read In life, there are a lot of things we try to accomplish without following the process. I have learned that for everything, there is a process that we must go through to learn and grow before we succeed. This article is a tribute to a friend. As well as, to share that when we trust […]

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How I Learned the Value of Building Resiliency Before You Need It

Posted in Leadership

3 mn read One year ago, I did what professionals, goal setters, and self-identified over-achievers do in January of any new year. I looked at the goals I had set in the previous year and raised the bar even higher. Designing how I would achieve my Distinguished Toastmasters, my Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification. As well as, […]

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Triangle Selling Framework Part 1: Rapport

Posted in Entrepreneurship and Business

7 mn read The Triangle Selling Method is a great way for new business owners to build rapport and develop relationships with customers. Building rapport is crucial to moving among the 3R’s to close sales.

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Relying Solely on Organizational Feedback Limits Our Growth

Posted in Talent Management

2 mn read When it comes to measuring our value contribution, it can be easy to rely solely on feedback from our organization. Our managers, supervisors, HR, people operations, and leadership teams often task themselves with evaluating our performance and determining our worth to the company. But is relying on organizational feedback alone enough to understand our impact […]

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