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Applying COIN Doctrine for Zero Trust

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5 mn read Disclaimer: I am not a zero-trust architecture or cybersecurity expert. My background and experience have always been focused on the human side of the equation. In the Army, I was a Measurement and Signatures Intelligence (MASINT) collection and analysis NCO. Additionally, my Master’s is in Peace Operations Postconflict Reconstruction Policy. My opinions and perspectives in this […]

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10 Reasons Why Service Members Leave the U.S. Military

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5 mn read There is a wide range of reasons military members may choose to leave the service, and the decision to leave is often a complex one. That is influenced by various personal, professional, and financial factors. Regardless of the reason for leaving, military members who decide to transition to civilian life can benefit from the skills, […]

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Military Transition Story – Networking is Critical

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4 mn read In a previous military transition article I hinted that I’d write about another organization that was instrumental in my preparation to transition out of the Marine Corps. This article lends a hand to you cliffhangers out there. FourBlock is a nonprofit organization, free to veterans and active duty, dedicated to helping Service Members find their […]

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