Scrum Book Review

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For the past few weeks, my company has been implementing Agile/Scrum and it has been an amazing experience. So, in order to continue this hype, I came across Scrum by Jeff Sutherland and it is a great book. The book does a phenomenal job explaining all the pieces of Scrum. As well as the different use cases for how Agile/Scrum can be utilized. I wanted to do a Scrum Book Review after reading it because I believe it is a book for anyone looking to implement Scrum or wants to know more about it.

Book Summary

For those of you who don’t know what Scrum is, let’s start by defining it. Scrum in summary is a methodology to increase productivity and be more efficient. Jeff Sutherland is the inventor of Scrum. As the inventor, he wrote the book to add and provide more clarity to what Scrum can do for organizations in different industries. Once you read the book it will provide you with more clarity on what it is capable of happening with Scrum. It makes you feel like you are getting Jeff as a consultant for just $14!

How it relates to Wealth

The way this relates to wealth because it will help you build 1. a strong foundation for your organization and 2. make you an asset for your organization. Those two ways are a really good way to be malleable with any organization. It will also help you out in your personal life. Agile/Scrum has allowed me to be more efficient with my time and focus on what will get me to achieve my goals. If you are looking to make a change to get to the next level, read this book!

Scrum Book Review


I hope that this Scrum Book Review was helpful. It was such a good book. I’m glad I read it after implementing Scrum. Reading the book after provided me with some new insight and fire for what Scrum could do for my organization. If you have any questions about what Scrum is and what it can do for you feel free to reach out. I am more than open to answering any questions.

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