Roadside MBA Book Review

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After reading the Roadside MBA I thought I have to write a review on this book. So, here’s my Roadside MBA Book Review. For this review, I read a hardcover version of the book. There is an audible version of the book for the ones that are into that. With all that said let’s get to the book review. I will break this down by what they did well (the good) and what they didn’t do well (the bad).

Book Summary

Roadside MBA was an enticing read. This is pretty much a story of 3 economic professors’ journey across America looking for unique business stories. Wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this book, to be honest, but the flow of the book got me hooked. They discuss topics from scaling your business to battling the big boys. They got quite a few things right but did get a few things wrong. So, let’s break this book down.

The Good

One of the ways that the Roadside MBA gets right is they were able to find unique businesses stories that relate to the average person. What I mean by that is the circumstances on how the companies they interviewed came to fruition happen every day.

The authors of the book do a really good job breaking down each chapter with stories, funny quips, and lessons to take with you. Each chapter is its own lesson but they all tie together nicely toward the end of the book. That really helped me learn the point they were trying to get across in each chapter. Because of that, this book is a good resource to refer back to when you are starting your journey. They do a good job organizing the book so the topic that you want to refer back to is easily discoverable throughout the book.

Roadside MBA Book Review

The Bad

Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of good tidbits in this book. But there is a lot of self-promotion and self-proclaiming in the book. For instance one of the others is named Mazzeo, who uses his philosophy on starting a business and self proclaims it “Mazzeo’s law.” This is not a bad thing per se but it’s like giving yourself a nickname. It might be cool but it’s kinda weird and annoying.

They do this throughout the book and to be honest I had to go back and refer to what Mazzeo’s law was. I did that many times. So, if you are going to make something a Law maybe drive it home what that law actually is!

One additional thing that I noticed was, who was writing the book! There are 3 authors that are credited with the book. But when you read the book, the narrator of the book seems to be talking about all 3 of the authors. This for some reason confused me a little. Was there a fourth person there that I missed or was it, god? This in the big scheme of the book is not that important but it did get me a tad confused throughout the book.

My Thoughts

Now with all that said, I’m always going to recommend books that I will read. This book with all its self-promotion and annoyingly too many quips is a book that I’d recommend reading. Roadside MBA offers good stories and recommendations that can help you out no matter where you are in the process. It is a combination of entrepreneurial tactics with college professor vibes. Meaning it’s nice and inviting but straight to the point with solid real-world advice.

With all that said my advice is to pick this book up the next chance you get. If you have been reading the other books I’ve reviewed this is a great follow-up.


This Roadside MBA Book Review came about by total accident. Literally, my mom was cleaning all my old stuff out of my room and was about to throw this book away and got it at the last minute. Thus came this book review! Thanks, Mom!

As always keep reading and keep learning. Happy Hunting!

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