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Mohawk Matt Denny



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I am a change champion and industry disrupter on a mission to connect businesses with people and solutions to put them in a position to thrive. I have built an outstanding reputation within the United States Department of Defense as a go-to resource for igniting conversations between many of our government’s most influential leaders and proprietors of the world’s top technical solutions.I am also a passionate organizational design expert. I have consulted for dozens of businesses and government agencies on organizational structure, talent development, and long-term visioning. I am at my best when inspiring high-potential minds with the context and direction they need to grow. I have been applying human-centered practices to product development, branding, marketing, training, team building, and digital & organizational transformation since 2008.I face the world like the game Battleship, while many people see it like Risk. I see my goals, act upon them, and adjust fire as needed. By the time most have started, I have “failed” and adjusted ten times. This is the approach by which I live my life and it has been incredibly successful for me thus far!