How to Start a Business Without Any Money

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This “How to Start a Business Without Any Money” Book Review is going to be a little interesting. The ideas and philosophies in this book were interesting and informative. I’m pretty 50/50 on this book. I came upon this book by way of another book I had just read Roadside MBA. They had mentioned this was a really good book to pick up after reading their book so I thought I’d go pick it up and give it a try. So, after reading this book I do have a few thoughts and my recommendation regarding the book.

Book Summary

The Good

This book has a lot of really good ideas and hacks for the average person. I was definitely intrigued by the businesses and stories Rachel was able to share with us in this book. She was able to share a lot of relatable stories throughout the book. Which was kept me wanting to finish the book. When I started my entrepreneurship journey, I tried just about 50% of what she mentioned in this book. So, I can attest that they work and are great places to start. This book even helped provide me with ideas for my newest venture. This is why I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking to make a change.

I was able to finish this book (which for me is always a win) so that’s good. But I will say with all the good ideas and hacks that are in this book, it doesn’t outweigh some of the bad qualities of the book. With that said let’s go to what I didn’t like about the book.

The Bad

Though I believed that the information within the book was great the delivery, in my opinion, was horrible. Rachel wrote this as if she decided to write the book the day before and quickly put it together. Most of the paragraphs were choppy, poorly written, and hard to read straight through. Of all the books I’ve read this was the hardest to finish. I even thought about not finishing it all together. But I ended up finishing it for the blog. So you’re welcome guys.

How to Start a Business Without Any Money

My Thoughts

Now that we got good and bad out of the way. Time to express my thoughts regarding the book. Though I did say I had a hard time reading and finishing the book I will say the information in the book is undeniably great. Getting started with the book was very difficult, but it got better and better as I started reading it. She started to provide a real example of how to start a business without any money. That was super helpful and fun to follow along with. She starts to tie all of the topics she had discussed throughout the book into that Entrepreneurship mugs business. Which in my mind really brought the book together.

The ideas and hacks on how to start a business without any money are definitely worth reading. It is one of the reasons why I am not totally disregarding the book. But it definitely isn’t a must-read. If you have other books that you’ve been looking to read, read those first. This book can wait till you are desperate enough for ideas. She does a good job laying down a blueprint but it is definitely a tough book to start. But like I said it does get better toward the middle of the book.


How to start a business without any money book review was definitely the most difficult one for me to write. It was hard because I thought Rachel Bridge did offer some really good ideas and had the right mindset when writing this book, but it didn’t land well on paper. The childish writing style ruined what could’ve been a very exciting and informative book to read.

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