Good To Great Book Review

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This is an all-time classic book. Every entrepreneur would be stupid not to read it. Good To Great is one of those books you will need to read more than once. There is just so much information within the book that it’s almost like a bible for making a great company. I wanted to do a Good To Great Book Review, because, one it’s long overdue and two I think it’s necessary for anyone looking to build an excellent foundation for your business.

Book Summary

Overall, this book was amazing. Unlike most books, he didn’t make the later chapters redundant and boring, which is what I liked. I thought that Jim Collins did a really good job making each chapter it’s own thing but aligned it to the bigger picture of the book. After running my own business, I can say first hand he did a really good job stating a lot of pretty accurate facts. I didn’t have a lot of disagreements with what he stated turned a good company into a great company. If you are looking for a book to provide you good blueprint for a scaling company, this is the book.

It is definitely a must read book for any entrepreneur. I do think, however, that he tried to pigeon hole a few companies saying this is what made them great. Because this book was published in 2001, most of the newest readers of this book are going to pick up that most of these companies stuck with the good to great formula and still ended up failing. Not going to spoil the book, but those are my takes.

Good To Great Book Review

How it Relates to Wealth

So, I alluded to this a few times in this article, but I see this relating to wealth because it provides you a blueprint for success. Through research, Jim Collins, provides really good insight on what makes a company tick. Having owned and ran a start up, I can tell you this book could not be more accurate. If you have a company that is making a few hundred thousand, this is the book for you. Jim Collins’ research hits on something huge. That if you are focused on what makes your company great and double down on it you will push your company to the next level.


That’s my Good To Great Book Review, I hope you enjoyed it. This book really changed my career when I read it back in 2016. I learned what I needed to do to focus my company in the right direction. So, hopefully this book does the same to you. If you’ve read it let me hear your thoughts!

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