Ballad of the Green Notebook

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Oh, Federal Supply Service Green Notebook,
How we adore thee, let us count the ways,
In a world of tech and screens and digital books,
You stand out as our trusted, beloved mainstay.

No matter what new devices may come and go,
You remain our constant, our faithful friend,
Your sturdy green cover and lined pages aglow,
With memories and notes that will never end.

From training to deployment, you’ve been by our side,
A reliable companion, in good times and bad,
You’ve seen us through battles, and kept us organized,
Oh, how we cherish the moments we’ve had.

So here’s to you, Federal Supply Service Green Notebook,
Our heart belongs to you forevermore,
No matter what the future may hold,
We’ll always love you, that’s for sure.

And you too Skilcraft Black Ballpoint Pens – one love.

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