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The story of Drainpipe: Building an AI startup during a global pandemic

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15 mn read The Story of Drainpipe: How I built an AI Startup during a Global Pandemic It’s January 2020, the week a helicopter crash rips away a living legend, Kobe Bryant, and the same week an opportunity I never dared to pursue opens itself up, inviting me to let it consume me. Today, we realize that dream. […]

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The Ethics of Nature found in AI

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5 mn read For years there has been a conversation around Artificial Intelligence becoming so strong and so universally informed that it can become a threat to the continuity of humanity. As artificial intelligence continues to grow in production use today, we are uncovering different aspects where there is a lot of risk. I’m Dominick Romano, an engineer […]

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Innovators: The Initiates of the flame

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6 mn read At times it feels like a dream. At times it feels like a nightmare. We have woven an advanced series of cultures, social structures, and processes together through thousands of years of iteration, and trial & error which has propelled the advancement of our species. Innovators are the initiates of the flame, blazing a path […]

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Revisiting How AI Silently and Successfully Attacked America

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4 mn read Advertising is an influence. AI-powered Advertising tries to influence an audience to perform an action, to believe or feel something. Dollars and Pounds started flowing into this idea – a British Exit from the European Union. What played out was the dynamic that if you spend enough money, and show enough people enough content, you can influence them politically.

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