A Promised Land Book Review

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No matter what your political preferences I believe that an autobiography by a President is worth a read. This A Promised Land Book Review is done almost by necessity. I thought it was a fabulous book with a President that had the unlikeliest paths to the top. This book is a long one so make sure you are in for the ride. President Obama found a way to go super deep in detail with this book and it’s a lot of good life lessons.

Book Summary

The whole book details every part of Obama’s journey from a child to his presidency. As I mentioned before, President Obama put in an excruciating amount of detail writing this book. Which can be both good and bad. For the good, this book allows you to have a lot of appreciation of what he was able to accomplish throughout his life. The way Obama wrote about how he was able to maneuver through his life, sometimes feels like he is writing a road map on how to get through tough times. No matter your political preferences this is an incredible story of grit and hope. The bad, the book is long and extremely detailed making it extremely difficult to finish the book. In fact, I think I spent longer finishing this book than I spent finishing the previous 10 books combined.

My Thoughts

I related to a lot of what President Obama had to say. His troubles and tribulations are very relatable. Understanding his pain is like a roadmap for yourself when you are in those situations. Yet, somehow through all of those trials, he still came out as a very patient and understanding human being. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good autobiography.

A Promised Land Book Review


This A Promised Land Book Review took me a minute to push out. I was scared for the time I invested in reading the book, that I needed a break from it for about a month or two. But, I was finally able to get it done! This book is a must-read but make sure you are ready to take on the time to read it! As I mentioned a few times in this article this book was long and extremely detailed. But, I would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good autobiography. Really, any book about business and leadership. I definitely learned a lot from this book.

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