5 Productive Morning Routines That Work

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Everyone is looking for that secret formula on how to feel energized and have a productive day. Well, it all begins with how you start your morning. I wake up around 4:00 am so as to get a few things done that I might be able to get to later, like working out, and reading whatever book I’m reading. So, let’s discuss the 5 productive morning routines that work.

Wake up early

There are a lot of benefits to waking up early. Waking up early helps to sustain a healthier diet, and have better mental health. Eating a healthy diet and having better mental health can increase productivity, and more time to exercise. Waking up early also allows you the time to accomplish more goals like making your bed and cleaning your room. You’ll find that you have more time, for other things that you normally wouldn’t have time for in the evening. Another reason I enjoy waking up in the morning is because of the peace and quiet you get for that brief few hours.

Get a Workout in

The benefits I have personally seen from putting out some sweat equity in the morning have been like I’ve been on top of the world. It helps you get your blood pumping, I feel more awake and energized. You feel more accomplished because you got that workout in before work. You are ready to dominate at work because you already dominated the gym. When you work out in the morning you’ll have more energy throughout the day. You won’t skip out on another workout because you would have already started your day off with it. Business Insider wrote a great article regarding the benefits of working out in the morning and if you’re interested should check that article out.

5 Productive Morning Routines That Work

Eat a good hearty breakfast

This is an important one. For me at least. Eating a good breakfast, and no I don’t mean eating cereal, waffles, and donuts for breakfast. A healthy breakfast leads to improve concentration throughout the day. You’ll be more energized and less lethargic. A combination of workouts and a healthy breakfast in the morning is always a good way to start a morning. What I like to do in the morning is after my workout, have a protein shake, mixed with almond milk and fruits, and make myself a smoothie, it’s quick, it’s easy to digest so you are not feeling full, and have a food coma, and it has the calories needed to get you through the first half of the day. 

Read a book or play some games that get your mind working

My favorite past time, reading. Especially for books that pertain to my work. This allows me personally to get my brain on the right track and think about solutions for the day ahead. Whether that is how I am going talk to my potential client, for example, the idea that I am going to pitch him, if he says no, etc. It gets the brain working at a time that is most prevalent for the brain to be at its best. It, to put it simply, gets the brain juices flowing.

Plan your day

Waking up early also allows you to plan your day. Planning your day allows you to be more attentive and get tasks completed. It makes you more productive because you have a plan of action. You can prepare to take care of your business because you know exactly what you have to do. When you start getting things done you will have a positive outlook on life and feel like a winner. Which can propel you to make more successful decisions and have more energy throughout the day. Of the 5 productive morning routines that are listed this is the one to focus on. Plan your Day!

Put it all Together

When you put it all together you are well feed, you have already accomplished a lot and feel like a winner. Doing all of these tasks in the morning when you wake up provides you with wins to start your morning and can help you gain momentum to continue this trend for the rest of your day. Having wins is important because it provides you momentum to keep on pushing and successfully go through your day feeling like a champ. Which in turn allows you to be the boss and take control of your day. Hopefully, these 5 productive morning routines I provided work for you!

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