5 Banks With $0 minimum Balance

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When I started my first business I was broke. I didn’t have a lot of money to start it up, let alone deposit money into another bank account. But what I found was that most required some kind of minimum balance and if you didn’t keep that balance you were charged a fee. Which for a broke person is not affordable. So, I started looking for a bank that offered zero minimum balance without the fee. Below are the 5 banks with a $0 minimum balance, these are the banks that I looked for back when I was starting out.

Hopefully, this will give most of you a starting point for your small business. But before you open up a business bank you have to open up an LLC or another business entity. LLC’s are usually the easiest to set up and operate.

Local Banks

The first bank I will talk about is your local bank. I know I get it it doesn’t specify a bank, but most local banks are usually forgiving on the minimum balance fee for local small businesses. It also helps to get an account with a local bank, because relationships matter. The better relationship you have with your banker the more you’ll get in return.


Kabbage is an all-online banking app that has no minimum balance requirements. This app is made and operated by American Express so that adds a bit of credibility to this app. Kabbage offers free in-network ATM access. Allowing you to withdraw and deposit cash at thousands of locations across the country. They also offer mobile deposits and customized checks.

There are no set-up or monthly maintenance fees, and no minimum balance requirements. Additionally, with Kabbage Checking, you get 1.10% APY1. You are also able to accept payments through professional invoices and custom pay links. I personally love Kabbage and have used it on a few of my ventures in the past few years, so I highly recommend Kabbage for anyone starting out.


Brex is another online banking app that I used in the past. They offer a slew of services like a business account, credit card, and spend management software. Which is useful for small businesses starting out. Brex offers no account, transaction, or hidden fees. Which they are very open about. They also allow unlimited ACH and wire transfers, which is good for many start-ups and small businesses. One of my favorite things about Brex is they allow you to send or spend your money worldwide with zero fees. They have incredible customer service and I believe anyone starting out should start with Brex.

5 Business Banks With $0 min Balance


Much like the other online banking companies I discussed NBKC has an incredible interface and is easy to use. They offer many different types of accounts. Such as checking/savings, money market, CDs, home loans, and credit cards. NBKC has a very easy setup for your business banking and when setting up you can deal with a real person and the service is amazing. NBKC has many services that they offer for free for their business banking accounts.

They offer $0 required to open an account with a $0 minimum balance. NBKC even offers $0 for returned electronic or paper items and Overdrafts or NSFs. Like Brex they even offer no charge for domestic wires from Anywhere in the USA. Of the online business banks that I have listed here, this is one of my favorites. There is a reason why NBKC has been continuously awarded for the services they offer. Highly recommend this bank.


BlueVine is probably the most professional of the banks that I have listed out. This bank also offers a $0 minimum balance but if you are a Small to medium-size business (SMB) this is the bank for you. This is the type of bank that can be with you for the long hall of your business. They offer no monthly or NSF fees and offer 1.0% interest on your balance up to $100,000. BlueVine is probably the best bank for paying vendors and bills by ACH, wire, or check. They have over 38,000+ ATMs that you can use without any fees! That’s a lot of ATMs!


There you have it those are the 5 banks with a $0 minimum balance. There are a few other banks that do offer no fees for no minimum balance, but these were the ones that I thought were the best. The banks that I have talked about are the easiest to set up and navigate. The interface for their apps is really good and customer service is excellent. Hopefully, this was helpful to most of you starting out. If you are looking for other articles to help you start your business click here and here!

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