3 Ways to Make you Valuable at Work

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There is a very specific formula to having a very successful career. Most people want to have that great work/life balance but think that means working less and playing more. But that’s not necessarily true. Sometimes it’s about things like time management, who you know, and understanding different perspectives on your role. Most people just grind away at their job and don’t build out those three things and they are usually miserable. So, I want to share my advice on the 3 ways to make you valuable at work. Because there is more to your job than just being proficient at your job.

Improve your Time Management Skills

Poor time management skills is the main reason for individuals not performing at their job. In fact, not being able to get your job done in a timely and orderly manner will make life extremely stressful. Mastering the skill of time management will allow you more time to do the next thing we will talk about, networking!

Go to Networking Events

Once you’ve mastered the art of time management it’s time to use that time to start growing your network. If you don’t know where to start with networking, a good place is Eventbrite. At Eventbrite, all you have to do is type in the field that you are interested in and you’ll see the events in your area. It can be a little nerve-wracking going by yourself the first few times but trust me it’s worth it. You’ll develop the necessary social and sales skills to develop your career. The more you go the more people you know and the more resources you have at your disposal. Networking will also provide you with better time management hacks.

3 Ways to Make you Valuable at Work

Seek out Different Perspectives

Going to networking events allows you to see different perspectives. This is good when you are trying to solve complex problems at your job. You’ll learn more about your industry and the new technology and how it works. Having that complete understanding will allow you to stand out from your peers. Your peers will only see a problem for what they know and they will never be able to innovate. Innovation is the key to growth and success.


The three examples I used to explain the 3 Ways to Make you Valuable at Work, were just what have helped me in my life. Everyone has different talents and skills. Therefore you will have to understand where you are and make the necessary adjustments to enhance your value at your job. Understanding that the name of the game is to improve your standing. Networking, better time management, and seeing different perspectives will allow you to grow your understanding. Time management will provide you with enough time to network. Networking will provide you with the necessary resources and connections to achieve your goals. Seeking different perspectives will allow you to see the whole picture. As well as, see new creative ways of accomplishing a task and connect the dots to make something innovative.

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