3 Psychology Books for Better Time Management

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I love reading books. More importantly, I love reading psychology books. They help you get to understand the human mind better and they provide you with tips on how to control your mind. It can be useful for getting people to buy your product. But more importantly, it can help you better utilize your time by using a few tips and tricks. Below I have 3 psychology books for better time management, that I thought would be good to provide you. This is not a book review but more of me introducing you to books and explaining the premise for how they help you on the psychological level. So, let’s get to it!

Unlocking Potential by Ben Bergeron

Unlocking Potential is a really good book by Ben Bergeron. If you are not aware of Ben Bergeron he is one of the premier CrossFit coaches out there. No, the book isn’t about CrossFit. It is, however, a psychological book on getting hooked on habits. Ben shares his experience on getting CrossFit New England on the right track and looking to find ways to get his team coaching at a higher level. He shows how you can use psychological tips to help you, coach and train better. I encourage you to pick this book up no matter your CrossFit opinions. One of the best books I’ve read in a while. It will show you the keys to your employee’s psychological patterns.

3 Psychology Books for Better Time Management

Nudge By Richard Hale

Nudge is the type of book that will keep you reading it till it’s done. Then read it again. Nudge focuses on the financial aspect of psychology and it’s a good one. Most books talk about how to budget, save, and invest. This book gets into why individuals don’t budget, save or invest. Both authors are economists who dive deep into why individuals don’t save for retirement. If you are one of those people this is the book for you. You are probably guilty of doing some of the things they bring up in the book. This might even be the kick in the butt you might need to start saving for retirement! So, pick this book up at your earliest convenience. Also, a book review for this book coming soon!

3 Psychology Books for Better Time Management

Unlimited Power By Tony Robbins

I haven’t done a book review on this book just yet, but it is still a wonderful book. Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins is a book that was well thought out and wonderfully written by Tony. This book mainly focuses on the mental and self-fulfilling side of things. Tony does a really good job taking different examples and tying them back to psychological facts. Tony uses a few of his own examples as well so you know that he’s been there done that. I know most of you have an unfavorable opinion about Tony Robbins. However, I believe has a lot of good points in this book. I would recommend getting over whatever opinions you have and giving this book a chance. I had the same reservation and I found the book highly valuable and now I’m a fan of Tony.

3 Psychology Books for Better Time Management


Those are the 3 psychology books for better time management that I would recommend to you. There are obviously more books out there but I believe these are a good start. Each book has its focus. However, all together they will provide a more robust psychological perspective. They also reference so many books within each of the books that you should have book recommendations for years. Enjoy and hopefully, you reap the benefits from these books.

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