3 Powerful Tools for Productivity

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Unlike some of my previous productivity articles, I’m not going to tell you how to be productive. So, for this one, I’m just going to introduce you to tools that can help you get organized and enhance your productivity. I use these tools quite a bit. These tools help me stay organized and on target. Which is usually the key when trying to be productive. With all that said here are 3 powerful tools for productivity.


Evernote is a really good tool. It has a few competitors (OneNote and Google Keeps) but I personally use and recommend Evernote. It even has a seamless design and a great interface. It’s easy to use and they do a good job with their tutorial tabs that get you started on the right track. That is why I fell in love with Evernote.

Evernote to help me brainstorm and develop new ideas for my businesses. I use it for my business because it helps me stay organized with my thoughts and works as a journaling tool. I love Evernotes because of its template features. Unlike most other note apps Evernotes has some really good templates that you can utilize to make your life easier.

Because of that, you’ll waste less time trying to configure your notes (Thanks OneNote!). Some of the other features include Syncing (for your other devices), Web clipping, Tasks, Calendar, Document Scanning, Search, and personal home styling. Evernote has the ability to be a one-stop-shop for your organizational needs.

Evernote has 3 plans a free, personal ($7.99/mo), and professional ($9.99/mo). They even have an Evernote Team plan which is $14.99/mo. Each plan obviously has its own features and you can check them out here.


Trello is one of the best Tasking tools I’ve ever used. I usually utilize a combination of Trello and the classic pen and pencil for my To-Do List. I use Trello because it is such a simple tool to use and quick and easy to set up. Much like Evernote, they have a really good onboarding and tutorial process. I like how you have the option to add as many sections that work for you and it’s not pre-determined. You can even stylize the theme that fits your style.

For me personally, I have most of my Trello boards set up with these sections: Things to do, Doing, and Done. It’s that simple! I use the free version but like Evernote, there are other pricing options as well.

3 Powerful Tools for Productivity

Trello’s has 4 plans. It starts with free, standard ($5/mo), Premium ($10/mo), and Enterprise ($17.50/per user). As mentioned before each plan have their own perks and you can check them out here.

Google Drive

The last tool that I’m going to discuss is Google Drive. Now unless you have lived under a rock or have been retired and old for the last 2 decades you probably have heard of Google Drive before. So, I’m not going to explain what it is and how it works. But I will say that most people don’t use Google Drive to its full extent. When done right you can organize, share, and integrate your email with your Google Drive.

As a Cloud storage product with easy to use interface, you can put all your work here and make it available to you anywhere you have internet and a computer. I am a stickler for using folders and subfolders to organize my drive. I utilize Google Drive a lot for sharing with my business partners. Google Drive helps me compartmentalize all of my work and documents and what I have to share with who.

For it to make sense for me. I use Google drive specifically for work that I want to share with my various business partners. Those are the files that I need to have on a timely basis. Therefore having access to them is key and not on one particular device is key.

Like the other two Google Drive also has a tiered pricing model. They have a free, Basic (100GB $1.99/mo), Standard (200GB $2.99/mo), and the premium (1TB $9.99/mo). If you are interested in comparing the different models check it out here.


So, there you have it! Those were my 3 Powerful Tools for Productivity. I hope this was helpful. I know most of you probably use some of these apps already. If you have never used them and looking to increase productivity and organization I would heavily recommend giving them a try.

To break down how I use each. Like I mentioned in the last section I use Google Drive when I’m sharing with other individuals, like my business partners. With Trello and Evernote those are the tools that I use internally for my own purposes. They help me stay organized and on target. Evernote is for my thoughts and Trello is for my tasks.

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