3 Leadership Tips for Beginners

Being a leader is a hard job. You are rarely correct and often hated by your peers and sometimes your subordinates. This makes always knowing where to go and having the answer an exhausting part of the job. Because if you are wrong people will come after you or leave you. Understanding how to balance all of the things that go into being a leader is tough and trust me I’ve been there. So, I want to share the following 3 leadership tips for beginners with you that I learned along the way. Both in the industry and as an officer in the Marine Corps.

Listen to the People you Lead

Listening to the people you lead is a very important aspect of the job. This is a very important leadership trait to have. In the same way, not listening to your subordinates it can be a very toxic leadership trait. I have had leaders who never listened to their subordinates and let me tell you it drove us all crazy. I’m sure a lot of you reading this have had or currently have a boss like this.

So, understanding that the people who you work for have ideas that could benefit the team is important to know. When you understand that you can position your subordinates accordingly. Which will put them in the position to excel and grow. In fact, that is what every good leader wants for their subordinates.

Always Lead by Example

Similarly to listening to the people you lead, leading by example is another very important trait to have. Trust me, nothing is more frustrating than following someone who refuses to do what he is asking you to do. It’s been one of my biggest pet peeves. If I’m working hard and seeking improvement, I expect the same out of my boss. Especially when is he/she is expecting the same out of me. If you are going to have your subordinates be held to a standard make sure you are either meeting or exceeding that standard.

3 Leadership Tips for Beginners

Be as Transparent and Collaborate as Often as you can

Being Transparent and collaborating with the people that you lead is a great way to enhance productivity. It is also a very good way to build a good working environment and culture. The people you lead have good ideas and talent use and develop them. You can develop them by keeping them informed. You don’t have to tell them everything but you should tell them your plans and where you are trying to take your vision. That allows them the ability to ask clarifying questions, provide suggestion and most importantly buy in! Which is what every leader needs from his/her workforce. Every chance you get you should look to inform your subordinates and find ways to make them a legit stakeholder in your visions.


There you have it those are my 3 leadership tips for beginners. I hope this helps you on your leadership journey. Understand that you won’t always be right or liked and that’s okay. What really matters is that the people that you work for understand that you are looking out for their best interest. That’s what you as a leader are in charge of doing. It’s a tough responsibility to have but as Uncle Ben said “with great power, comes great responsibility.”

There are a few things to know about me. First thing is that I make my own rules 100% of the time. Second, Kobayashi Maru. Finally, I'm a storyteller and a Marine Corps Officer. I am also a Serial Entrepreneur looking to provide easy life hacks for all the up-and-coming Millennials and Gen Zers. These are my tricks of the trade and I'm here to pass them on to you! Kobayashi Maru Baby!


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